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My Fellow Americans, Vote For Silvia Stagg For President! Republican-Independent 2011-2040 General Election

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silvia Stagg For US President 2011-2036!

2020 - 2040 General Election 

Vote Silvia Stagg For President!
A Republican - Write-In Candidate...
...until we get there!  


My Fellow Americans! 
    Real Hope For Infinite Life Extension w/Age Reversal!


Vote For Life Extension!
Vote Silvia Stagg For President!
This General Election Nov 5-2016!


  Below: USA's Statue of Liberty In New York Gifted By France!

Vote For Life Extension!
Vote For Silvia Stagg!
This General Election Nov 5-2016!
(kindly check dates in each state for the General Election!)

Silvia Stagg For President REP/IND Write-In Candidate For The General Election To Be Held This November 2016!...until we get there!

Below: 2013 Ballot Access State Responses/Acceptance Letters


(Google+) above photo of eagle by Randy Hume


I am filed with the FEC/Federal Election Commission and the US Office of Government Ethics as a Write-In Presidential Candidate (FEC # P20003216) and Silvia Stagg for President Campaign Committee (FEC # C00500082) for 2011-2036 as a Republican-Democrat-Independent (refer to: http://fec.gov/). I am your only Good Gnome Individual and Candidate who offers Infinite/Life Extension-Most Trusted Programs Plan A/C worldwide. As your President or Vice President, our nation’s rights to ‘Privacy as a Nation’ and ‘Public Safety’ and a ‘Dignified Lifestyle’ will be restored!

My Presidential Campaign continues as a Republican, Independent, Write-In Candidate for the 2016 General Election – Campaign Season. And beyond if I am still unsuccessful due to Time Changes. Future Campaign-Election Seasons will prove to be more favorable for dissemination of the Good Gnome DNA Sequence with Infinite Life Extension with Age Reversal and Excellent Health For Age along with installation of Most Trusted Programs A/C worldwide on/off planet as our citizens learn to choose mature high functioning Presidential-Vice Presidential Candidates with a progressive vision! 

As a matter of policy, I suggest voting out every US President until each US President disseminates Life Extension Healings with Excellent Health For Age depending on one’s age with Age Reversal to Twenty One (21) years of age for the lawful (non murderous-non voluntary manslaughter-non espionage non offender) White Christian European Descent Race worldwide. Furthermore, each President-Vice President must install and/or uphold the USA-Major World Government approved Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs (Plan A) for US Born White European Christian Descent Race Members and Plan C For NON US Born White European Christian Race Members and Minorities be they White European (i.e. Islamic or Hewbrew/Jewish) or Indigenous Minorities (i.e. Oriental-Indian-Black African Negro).

The Inventors of the most powerful and National Security protected Technology in the world is the White Christian European Descent Race and our Technology Secrets must be honored! As the people’s BEST Presidential Challenger, and Earth’s last Good Gnome DNA Sequenced Individual, we must be patient and assist in ending Sedition (especially Black Ops Technology Induced Sedition) whenever possible!  Our White European Christian Race and White European Race Members worldwide must speak out against  heinous Black Ops Technology Abuses which limit our lifespan, determine our cognitive faculties (i.e. intelligence, creativity, memory, talent) and personality type including sexual identity (heterosexual or homosexual) or health problems such as premature aging or any known health problem installed into your body aimed at decreasing the natural 120 year life span of modern man per the current Dictator President and Congressional Hierarchy.

We must Remove all Incumbant Government Mole Network Perpetrators and permanently end Sedition with the Good Gnome DNA Sequence, bring about the self actualized individual, a moral personality free of psychiatric and criminal mind dysfunction!  Fortunately, our US Military/Congress is protecting your last Good Gnome Individuals’s DNA Sequence! Non Good Gnome Individuals have proven to be too Psychotic (Sadistically Depraved, Meglomanic and Criminally Indifferent) to implement my government approved Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs. Yet, the Dream for Infinite Life Extension with a modern Socioeconomic Infrastructure continues until realized!

I am the step-daughter of a former US Secret Service Agent to President Lyndon Baines Johnson. I commenced my political journey as a National Security Victim Witness, in a worldwide Black Ops Technology Government Corruption Case. Since 1997, I discovered the serious corruption problems worldwide and our Secret Advanced Technology the US Government has failed to use for the betterment, defense and posterity of the US Born White European Christian Race and its lawful Minorities (White European Hebrew/Jewish and Islamic) and Indigenous Minorities (Oriential-Indian-Black African).

Good Government and I are concerned about the proper treatment of its Citizenry. Our Countrys’ Founding White Christian European Descent Race is facing Emasculation-Disenfranchisement-Race Extinction worldwide due in part to being denied Life Extension while Minorities flood our Countries. And All persons are subject to Poverty-Disability-Failing Health-Crime-Natural Catastrophes-Terrorism-Wars (with unconstitutionally mandated draft kidnapping men to kill or be killed to maim or be maimed and causing many unfit soldiers to commit suicide). Our US Census reports that by 2046-2050, the White Christian European Descent Race "will no longer be a factor in America's population" and shall commence being a Minority in their own Country due to Illegal Migration of Minorities and decreasing America's Mean Life Span. Note: White Christian European Spanish Descent are not Included as Minority Persons by Silvia Stagg. Constitutionally, All Lawful White Christian European Descent Persons have a Right to Enter as US Residents upon Declaration.

See Washington Post Article

Illegal Minorities are Illegally given “Pathways to US Citizenship” accessing and endangering our Socioeconomic Entitlements already facing massive cuts harming our US Born Citizenry-Lawful Entry Nationalized US Citizens/Residents et al including our sixty million Baby Boomer Population. By 1980, our government openly admitted to using our “Social Security Fund Monies to Pay a Portion of the Interest on the Deficit/National Debt” which worried our Congressional Legislatures. Many Politicians assert our wealthy Social Security Fund may become insolvent. This discourse gave rise to hysterical threats to create separate Individual Social Security Accounts and END Social Security as we know it, some arguing, “since we do not pay entirely for our Socioeconomic Entitlements we do not deserve them.” All Politicians need to be more respectful of our US Citizenry. The Elderly, the Disabled, and the Indigent desperately depend on Social Services Welfare, Food Stamps, HEAP, Social Security Retirement Insurance and Social Security Disability Insurance and other Public Entitlement Health Insurances such as: Medicaid and Medicare. We must maintain Continuity of Previous Government Legislation and Programs. Government is responsible for the printing of the necessary Monies to Pay Our National Debt. The population is Constitutionally charged to pay only a Fair Contributory Rate of Taxation which should never exceed Ten Percent Annual Income. In August 2011, our friend China criticized the United States for not properly handling its financial responsibilities.

We should exercise responsible Price Fixing/Cap Prices for Goods and Services Rendered. The Federal Reserve should Charge No More than a Penny on the Dollar For Monies Given-Loaned-Insured to Banks. The usage of Compounded Interest should be abolished with a Cap of Ten Percent Interest on Credit Cards-Credit Lines. No Strike should be allowed for Contract Disputes only Good Faith Lawsuits which is less harmful to Business. American Businesses must be guaranteed Ninety Percent (90%) of the USA Market. The NAFTA/North American Free Trade Act of 1996 should be repealed and the usage of appropriate ‘Protective Tariffs’ must be enforced. Historically, our Federal Government/US Presidents failed to use Protective Tariffs thereby destroying America’s manufacturing base allowing China to create a menacing powerful military complex due a prolong Trade Deficit of approximately US$350 Billion Dollars Annually in China’s favor, since the 1980s’ to date! Earlier in 2013, the Media reported China’s International Shark Like Trade Practices allowed by European Officials which shall ultimately destroy European Manufacturing Businesses making Europe dependent on China. In 2012/2013, our Oregonian Congressional House & Senate Representatives (Democratic/Republican) have presented and are considering Federal Legislation which shall Deforest Oregon Indefinitely (to supply China with Oregonian Lumber/Wood), adding to the severe nationwide Deforestation problem, when a moratorium and alternative eco-friendly manufactured products must at some point be utilized what’s left of our precious natural Forests. It should be noted, that an organization known as ‘Oregon Wild’ has claimed that nearly One Billion US Dollars are earned annually for Forestry Recreation in Oregon, contrary to the 25-65 million fuelling the argument to continue Deforestation of Oregonian and USA national Forests as argued by the Lumber Companies! Additionally, for many years, our government has been selling off parts of America’s infrastructure (i.e. our buildings, roads, highways, and bridges) to other countries. Thereby, making China, Japan, Great Britain, and Spain controlling interest partners in America. We must disallow foreign ownership and control of our country. In 1989, our friend China publicly asserted “The United States would destroy itself by being so open.”

Dangerous Radioactive Nuclear Energy/Weaponry has for many years been downsized and replaced by other technologies! The United States and Russia for Thirty to Forty Years have worked very hard to comply with their mutual self interest of survival whereby agreeing and enforcing staunch rules to greatly mutually monitor and downsize their Nuclear Weapons/Nuclear Missiles Arsenal (ensuring stabilization of the world) in the historic ‘Start Treaties’ and other relevant Treaties to which the Minority Countries are too incompetent to follow our lead-Prevent/Limit Dangerous Dirty Nuclear Technologies!  

While in his second term in office, former President George W. Bush (though supportive of Most Trusted Programs) irresponsibly gave away our Nuclear Energy Technology to India. India and Pakistan are always threatening nuclear war with each other! And the United States, Russia and now China must always speak out against the Dangerous Rhetoric of Irresponsible Minority Countries! Since the Bush Administration, we have been watching an unwelcome Iranian Nuclear Arms Race threatening War with Israel and the United States which has resulted in the June 2013 election of a new Iranian President, Hasan Rouhani who stated recently, “The only way to break the nation’s nuclear stand off with the World, and bring an end to economic sanctions is to engage on one-on-one Talks with the United States.” Contrary with the on/off lack of cooperation of Former Iranian President Mahmond Ahmadinejad who stubbornly refused to actually end Iran’s Nuclear Program, while making contrary comments regarding the entire matter, commenting, he would “comply with No Nuclear Programs as per the United States of America so Iran and Islamic Peoples of the World can become more accepted into the ‘Family of Nations.’” Reportedly, in 2013 Iran recently obtained New Centrifuges For Iran’s Nuclear Programs! Unfortunately, it may be necessary to impose an embargo or direct hit via satellite/advanced technology on both Iranian and North Korean Dictators (threatening world peace) due to our continued failure to utilize teletransportation/teleport technology to retrieve our technology and bring it back to the United States). Due to the trouble Iran and North Korea are creating upon obtaining Nuclear and Military Weaponry, we must ready ourselves to initiate unfortunate Military Strikes of an Infinitely Devastating and Lethal Nature regarding North Korea and Iran! North Korea’s UN General Secretary Bon Ki Moon may have contributed to the Military Weaponry/Military Jet Sales between Great Britain North Korea and other Countries or Defense Contractors. It appears wiser for our White Christian European Descent United States Born Citizenry to hold the position of UN Secretary!

And the powerful and still friendly China, watches world events as they unfold! In February and December 2012, North Korea launched each time a long range missile (most likely stolen US Technology obtained from China). Additionally, on April 12-2012 US Media announced Great Britain would be selling Military Weaponry/Jet Fighters to North Korea, both practices disallowed by United States Foreign Policy. Now China has joined in our condemnation at the United Nations of North Korea’s Nuclear Arms threat! Unfortunately, on November 6-2012, China Media unveiled China’s new Stealth Jet Bomber (Model 31001), a replica of different USA Air Force Jet Models of both Stealth Jet Bomber capacity and standard Fighter/Surveillance Jet Bombers first produced by the United States Air Force Military Subcontractors, such as the well known “Rapter Jet” Model. Recently, early in 2013, Media Reporters identified and Computer Hacking/Espionage Building locations in China. Thank China for its openness!

The outdated and psychotic concept of ‘Mutual Self Destruction’ does not work, and this Argument was sold to the American People for many years by corrupt Politicians and Defense Contractors (needing protection from socioeconomic problems caused by conservative sales practices of their Military Products). The United States is now subject to the whims of formerly much less powerful countries such as, Russia, China, and North Korea (as of March 26-2013 threatening the USA with Nuclear War as per media reports) and eventually Iran, Pakistan and our friend India increasing daily in militaristic and technological strength due to Espionage sanctioned by corrupt US Officials! Though during both Bush Administration(s), China and Russia agreed repeatedly to limited technology as per Most Trusted Programs (and that the USA would via teleportation/teletransportation retrieve all espionaged/stolen technology knowledge/designs without further notice) during the Bush Administration who took part in repeated and lengthy national security discussions with President Vladimir Putin and China’s former Communist Party Leader! As per Most Trusted Programs A/C, Russia will become an Independent USA Territory while remaining a separate country/nation never becoming a USA State! China agreed to attach our US Constitution to their Chinese Constitution and downsize-consolidate Constitutional Government Agencies on all levels!

During the Clinton Administration, Chinese Descendants (possibly foreign born Chinese Nationals) allowed to work for our various Technology Design Subcontractors-Contractors (via erroneous Codified Laws allowing Naturalized Citizens to work in aerospace and defense contracting fields, ignoring their Racial-National Loyalties) and they were found guilty of Espionage. These Chinese Nationals stole our designs and gave them to China, which allowed the Chinese to enter the field of Advanced Aerospace Rocketry and space travel. And Chinese Nationals also stole our Advanced Nuclear Submarine Designs and gave them to China. Historically, the United States has controlled Space with some competition by the Russians and Europeans with our technological, financial and manpower assistance. The Russians launched ‘Sputnik’ Satellite in 1957, followed by the United States Satellite Launch in 1958. However, the United States focused on Manned Space Missions including the Mercury, Gemini and Saturn Missions (1960-1969) followed by Sixteen Apollo Moon Missions, and Six successful Apollo Manned Space Missions to the Moon. Between, 1973-1979 the United States built and operated through NASA ‘Skylab’ before building the International Space Station which would be/is shared by the United States of America, Russia and Japan. In 1979, the United States abandoned Skylab due to Russia’s objection to a USA owned and operated ‘Skylab.’ And so in 1979, the United States of America allowed Skylab’s Orbit To Decay and fall back into the Earth’s Atmosphere thereby disintegrating. Recently, in August 2011, Barack Obama (and the US Congress) closed down our controlling Interest in our International Space Station, by ending our regular USA Shuttle Flight Program by which we historically control, monitor, and perform scientific research, and repair. We are left with a Mars Space Exploration Program, which once we conquer, may also be turned over to countries abroad by incompetent Politicians who are not loyal to America’s National Security Interests. And this is the Espionage effectuated via mind control and brainwashing to which our US Citizens have been historically subjected. We have been forced to hand over our technology to other countries, placing us in danger. Now, we are forced to depend on and pay our Russian Friends to visit our International Space Station built and paid for by our many Billions of US Dollars, our US Citizenry, men and women, and United States of America Technology! We must recapture control of Space which is rightfully ours and regain control of the International Space Station, as the world’s leading Superpower. So doing, is in the best National Security Interests of the United States of America and part of Most Trusted Programs already agreed to by Russia and China and most countries worldwide! America needs a strong and loyal and sincere President to implement Most Trusted Programs such as its creator, Silvia Stagg, a good gnome individual.

View From a Window
The blackness of space and Earth's horizon provide the backdrop for this image of the docked Soyuz 13 (TMA-9) (foreground) and Progress 22 resupply vehicle. The STS-116 crew photographed the Soyuz from a window on the International Space Station while Space Shuttle Discovery was docked with the station. Image credit: NASA


Trying to protect our Constitutional freedoms, Big Business forewarned, Free Trade Policies destroy American Businesses forced abroad to manufacture their products enabling them to compete in the USA Sales Market (placing millions of Americans out of work causing them to lose their Homes, Insurances, Retirement Monies/IRAs’). A worst case scenario, by 1996, IBM moved to China to survive socioeconomically. We have the most expensive and toughest employer laws-employee protection laws worldwide and costs of our goods are much more expensive than Third World/Minority Countries. Additionally, an increase in Cyber Wars ensued with Chinese Computer Hackers hacking into our Computers at the US Capital and Pentagon. And it was after the 911 WTC Tragedy, that President George W. Bush, lacking wisdom, dismantled our underground NORAD Satellite Operations Base in Colorado. A small NORAD Division was relocated to Peters Air Force Base in Colorado adding to the Terrorist Threat-Less Monitoring of our USA-World Sky. Unfortunately, adding to illegal brain tapping-time clock inclusion world violations and computer hacking into USA security sensitive computers is the access of Satellite Technology into the hands of Minority Countries/Nations. To date, it is unknown, if Barack Obama fully reinstalled said NORAD Colorado underground site. Yet, in October 2011, Barack Obama recently downsized or closed many US Postal Services Processing locations such as Buffalo-NY, thus Rochester-NY is now processing all mail/cargo for Western New York, and Los Angeles-CA is now processing all mail/cargo for Los Angeles County which includes the large City of Long Beach-CA. This ILLEGAL nationwide trend, severely downsizing our Constitutionally protected US Postal Mail Service (citing: ‘post roads’) must cease. And it will, with my Most Trusted Programs. On or about April 2012, US media announced the US Congress passed Legislation granting 11 Billion US Dollars to the US Postal Services to delay closures of US Postal Mail Processing Centers for three years. Yet, this remedy is not sufficient! (seebelow breaking news)

Breaking News's profile photo

US Postal Service won’t end Saturday delivery +The Associated Press : The US Postal Service announced Wednesday it would no longer end Saturday mail delivery. Earlier this year the service said it would end Saturday delivery in August in order to save $2 billion annually. The service says it canceled the move after repeated efforts to appeal to Congress to approve the plan failed. Read more: http://bit.ly/YkpOZ0 Photo: US Postal Service mail boxes at a US Post Office in Encinitas, California, in February (Mike Blake/Reuters) MoreLess

In my legal case (filed with many Executive Branch Agencies-US Congress) and in my Candidacy, I am attempting to finally address the many injustices wrought upon my fellow Americans and the world, and lawfully bring forth formerly held Secret Black Ops Technology Life Extension Healings and install a permanent modern socioeconomic infrastructure worldwide known as the Most Trusted Programs. This infrastructure guarantees a minimum salary of US$100,000.00 per person. We must make Obsolete ‘Evictions for any Reason’ while we guarantee that everyone owns at least one Smart Design Residence. This Infrastructure utilizes Active Passive Solar Energy (with Solar Opaque Panels and Solar Mechanical Rooms in each building) and Back-up energy/power via Hydroelectric and NonRadioactive Nuclear Cold Water Fission. For Vehicular Fuels: Sugarcane Ethanol (reportedly commanding 40% of Brazil’s fuel economy and 7% more efficient than Corn Ethanol. See 2008 TV Documentary hosted by Frank Sesno “Out of Gas-You Were Warned.”) and ‘Jatropha’ a Bio-Diesel which needs no processing. Both Plants are grown in the Great State of Florida. We should say no to ‘Wind Power’ which is a wasteful-harmful-inefficient-expensive-ugly-outdated energy source abusing our Constitutional ‘Eminent Domain’ taking precious land/homes from our country and people. Utility/Oil Companies will be compensated to retool/convert to acceptable forms of power/fuel.


Attacks upon our Constitutional Democratic way of Life exemplified by the recent media report in August 2011, by the New York State Board of Education to “END grammar school penmanship lessons in Cursive Writing” harms our Constitutional Rights so Memorialized to Engage-Enforce Contracts. Another 1984 play by Barack Obama using our esteemed Governor Andrew Cuomo to destroy our rights to sign Contracts harming Indigent-Middle Classes by preventing them from signing rental leases, mortgages, car loans,  school loans.

My Government Approved Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs will assure America is  renewed and improves upon its Superpower leadership Role worldwide, now challenged by formerly lesser powers who have been given our technology. My Most Trusted Programs are Titled:

(1) Plan A-The Most Trusted Infrastructure and Aerospace Program, Nature and Wildlife Sanctuary on/off Planet for US Born White Christian European Descent Race with Advanced Hub Design and Technology, and

(2) Plan C-The Most Trusted On Planet Infrastructure with on planet Hub Design with limited Advanced Technology-No Aerospace for Non US Born Citizens-Minorities. Both Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs  have high speed rail/train transportation between/within the largest cities. Most Trusted Programs ensure each Citizen in their Birth Country is paid ‘Stock Holder Shares’ or ‘Stock Dividends’ totaling One Million US Dollars Annually (Ten Percent Cap Taxable Income Annually) for their Country’s Infrastructure paid quarterly in the amount of US$250,000.00. Each Citizen will be given a USAHealthFreedomCard (unlimited dental-medical-hospital insurance) and USATravelFreedomCard for their own country (All Trains-Buses Free with US$100.00 monthly charge, One Month All National/State Parks Free w/Free Room-Camp Grounds, Free Phone-Meals-Beverage and One Tank of Fuel loaned for Emergencies). Under Most Trusted Programs No April 15TH IRS Tax Filing Will Exist For Private or Employed Citizens, Only Businesses Must File Monthly IRS Statements For Employees and Send Government All Taxes/Monies Withheld!

Note: Monthly Charge For Services Will Increase/Be Set At $100.00. Lower Rate Cited To Prevent Past-Present-Future Inflationary Pricing Without Programs Installed!-Silvia Stagg

Most Trusted Programs Are Designed In Three Stages:

(1) ‘Make Pristine the World I’ (Earth’s Planetary Orbit and Polar Axis Shift is Reset/Corrected and Earth’s bedrock-crust-mantle restored, and rivers-lakes and coastal areas will be built-up five feet to thwart flooding with shielding. Additionally, Earth’s Atmospheric Layers including ‘Ozone’ will be Restored to Normal so we have Normal Sun Exposure, Normal Temperature-Weather (with possible Satellite Array Shield from most harmful Solar Winds-Storms-Rays) and Earth Reforested with favored Forestry-Vegetation and All Water Sources Cleansed/Purified and Fresh Water Sources increased); and

(2) ‘Make Pristine the World II’ (Installs In each Country Worldwide at Sea Coast/Large Lake/River for One Center for : (a) Agricultural-Dairy-Cattle-Vegetable-Fruit Farms and (b) Recycling Plant-Water-Waste Treatment-Filtration/Purification-Water Desalination-Filtration/Purification and (c) Solar Energy/HyrdroElectric Power and Ethanol-Jatropha Farms-Processing and Distribution; and

(3) ‘Make Pristine the World III’ (Final Stages of USA-World Infrastructure). This  HUB Designed Superinfrastructure will be built (culture sensitive eco  and people friendly) one Hub for each State Capitol and Country Province, installed worldwide on/off planet safely, expeditiously, with less expense by Black Ops Technology.
Note: Upon completion of Impact/Infinity Studies, Non Radioactive Cold Water Fission Plants will be housed in Plan A-Most Trusted Infrastructure and Aerospace Program with Wildlife Sanctuary on/off Planet for White Christian European Descent USA Born Citizens. Second Note: For search help, please visit wikipedia Help: Searching.

        • In nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry , nuclear fission is either a nuclear … working fluid , usually water or occasionally heavy water ….67 KB (10,040 words) – 22:20, 30 August 2012

          require Campaign Funds (US$2,500.00-US $5,000.00) Per Person Each Primary-General Election Campaign Season to Assist my Campaign including Televised/Radio/Print Media Outreach, Ballot Access and Televised Debate Access. Kindly Contact All Fifty US State Republican and/or Democratic Party Chair(s)-Vice Chair(s) and have me placed on all General Election Write-In Or Printed Ballots nationwide preferably as a Republican or Independent or if necessary as a Democrat. Every  State Is Different and in some states such as Texas, I, shall continue as an Independent. In the case of Texas, I felt it necessary to early file and try to protect your Franchisement Rights! The Printed Ballot/Primary-Caucus Process is Expensive and Arduous filled with loopholes and possible corruption in each state process! 

          As America’s only Life Extension Candidate, I go forward as a Presidential-Vice Presidential Candidate as a Matter of National Security to save and empower the White Christian European Descent Race from Race Extinction already suffering Race Emasculation and Disenfranchisement! Early 2013, the USA Media reported changes in America’s Mean Life Span, during the Barack Obama Presidency which decreased to 73 years for both men and women, down 5/Five years when America’s Mean Life Span for women was 78 years and 75 years for men during the Presidency of George W. Bush! In Jan-Feb 2005, The Media reported the Mean Life Spans of All Countries worldwide and the lowest Mean Life Span of 21 years is Black African Countries!  Note: The natural life span for modern man/woman is 120 years!

          Kindly email All Fifty USA State and USA Territory Republican/GOP Party Chair(s)-Vice Chair(s) and  All Fifty USA State Secretarys of State, and all Fifty Directors of Division/Board of Elections to obtain required Ballot Access  Forms/Petitions For Vice President-Electors-Voter Signatures and have me placed on the Ballot In All Fifty USA State/USA Territory General Election Ballots! Note: Only a few States require Printed Ballot Candidates Only! Note: USA Territories/Protectorate Include: Puerto Rico-US Virgin Islands-US Guam-Marshall Islands. 

          My Supporters should also contact the Chairmans-Vice Chairmans of the RNC/Republican National Committee and DNC/Democratic National Committee and the many State Delegates (who decide by/at the National Party’s Convention(s) who shall be the Presidential-Vice Presidential Candidate Challenger!

          My Programs are supported by our US Congress-Federal Government, most if not all World Governments, including: US Army General (Retired) Tommy Franks (Commander General-Central Command Based In Florida), and former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, Former RNC Chairmans Ken Mehlman and Mike Duncan, Former USAG Hon Janet Reno and John Ashcroft, US Treasury Secretaries, Federal Reserve Chair(s), et al.

          There is nothing we can do about the painful injustices (‘the eating out of our substance’) we have been forced to endure for most of our lives as our country is shreaded by foreign interests, forbidden by our Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. However, with my Presidency-Vice Presidency, we can and we will survive, heal  and empower ourselves with dignity and perseverance to rebuild one nation under god!


          Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs
          Created by Silvia Stagg

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          Presidential Planet Management Programs

          Vote For Life Extension,Vote For Silvia Stagg, This General Election NOV2016!

          Silvia Stagg Is Seeking Suitable Vice President To Install Liberty!

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          Kindly email Silvia Stagg (silviastaggforpresident@gmail.com) after making any Contributions and give Silvia Stagg your Name-Address-US Citizenship-US Resident Status. Only Cash Deposits, Money Wires, or Money Transfers are Acceptable! – Thank you!
          Below: Recent Photograph of Silvia Stagg DOB: July 27-1957

          Fellow Americans! Please Be Generous! - Thank you Silvia Stagg

          Support NASA and Space X Continued United States Aerospace Missions
          Below: 1960's United States NASA Astronauts Moon Mission First Humans To Walk The Moon!

          Below: Many Staff of Space X Are Former NASA!


          Commander In Chief - President Dwight D. Eisenhower

          "The People of the World truly want Peace, someday, the Governments of the World, are going to have to give it to Them."

          Vote For Life Extension,Vote For Silvia Stagg, This General Election NOV 2016!



          'Discovery Lights Up the Night'
          Flooding the night sky with its blazing light, Space Shuttle Discovery leaps toward the sky from Launch Pad 39B on mission STS-116 at 8:47:35 p.m. EST on Dec. 9, 2006. This is Discovery's 33rd mission and the first night launch since 2003.

          Below: a view of the cockpit of the space shuttle named 'Endeavor'

          Below: Backdropped by a Colorful Earth
           International Space Station
          An Aerospace Project by the United States of America with Russia and Japan 

          Above: NASA STS-116 Mission Specialists Robert L. Curbeam, Jr. (left) and Christer Fuglesang participate in the first of the mission's three planned sessions of extravehicular activity as construction resumes on the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA

          America has been waiting a long time for life extension! It was the First Republican Debate on Friday April 27-2007, when Mitt Romney announced "As President he would disseminate/get out the good gnome."

          The White Christian European Descent Race
          is Facing Race Extinction! 
          Contact Our US Congress For Life Extension Healings! 

          U.S. House of Representatives Washington - D.C. 20515
          U.S. Senate Washington - D.C. 20515
          U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121
          TTY: 202-225-1904

          The MSL Curiosity rover in the assembly facility.

          NASA MARS Mission - Curiosity, Mars Land Rover 

          Campaign Schedule For Silvia Stagg
          2011- 2012 National Primaries  - General Election
          2015 - 2016 National Primaries - General Election
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          Below: Project Gemini Consisted of Ten Manned Aerospace Flights In Addition To Manned Aerospace Projects Mercury, Saturn and Apollo Moon Missions 
          (See Article In 'Atlantic'- Remembering Gemini) 


          Above/Below photographs: USA/NASA Apollo Manned Moon Missions 1968 - 1972
          Neil Armstrong, Buzz Armstrong, Michael Collins first men to walk on the moon

          Driving on the Moon

                         In Memory of NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong

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